“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” – Marie Antoinette

A very small section of the sprawling Château Versailles

I’ve been excited for Versailles the whole time! The grand palace of Marie Antoinette. The train there wasn’t too long and in a moment we have arrived at Château Versailles. Walking through the halls I can hear the court in my mind and picture the dresses and imagine the courtly scandal that ensued in the dark corners and hidden stairways. The images are fresh thanks to the book I am currently reading at home; Abundance. This makes the history and the sights more meaningful…what can I say… I love historical royalty!

The palace was of course gorgeous! Not one detail was missed! I was in constant awe of how intricate the architecture , how grand the size, and how many families lived in the court with the King and Queen. On top of that, every wall was adorned with beautiful art! Chrystal, I saw your “bridesmaid” picture and thought of you.

The Versailles gardens are unparalleled. They stretch for what seems like miles! WOW! We rented a golf cart to drive around the gardens and down to the Petit Trianon. We could have walked, but I must admit it seemed daunting…lazy American, no? But seriously… the cart was a blast! The Petit Trianon, formerly the residence of King Louis XV’s mistress, was gifted to Marie Antoinette by her husband, the King, shortly after their coronation at the ages of 19 and 20. You know…because the gorgeous main château wasn’t enough. Psh…royalty. Classical music was piped through the speakers and we just pretended that we were on horseback heading to visit ol’ Marie at her private residence on the palace grounds. Haha, yes my imagination gets the best of me. It is hard to describe the gardens…they are so grand, so again…I will post pictures. I tried today just now, but I a, getting frustrated and impatient so I will do it later. This french keyboard is getting the best of me and anyone who knows me well, knows I have no patience and want to get on the road to Latin Quarter and Marais. (picture a smiley face here…I cant find the symbols to create it!!)

Sorry for the A.D.D. moment…back to Versailles. The Petit Trianon is adorable. It comes with its own gardens; these gardens have all these cute little dirt paths one could wander around for hours…at least I could. So, our time is up, and we had to hustle back to drop the cart back off at the main palace. I mean the word hustle lightly since the cart was programmed to go no more than about 2 mph (oops, 2kph I mean). The music suddenly picked up speed like we were in the scene of a movie…racing to our destination. We were cracking up about it for a while; you had to be there. We made it back in time, picked up my confiscated corkscrew on the way out and strolled away from the palace. 😦 –found the symbol!

Entrance to Petit Trianon

After the day in the château, we strolled the streets of the town of Versailles and grabbed a bite to eat and back on the train at 4:30. I’m getting tired…damn jet lag setting in.

Tonight we are planning a picnic under the Eiffel Tower before we go out for Arlene’s birthday!

I have decided I would like to live in a palace in France…so far no luck finding one on the market, but keeping my eyes open!

4 responses to “Versailles!

  1. Thank you Tisha for bringing back the word Le Petit Trianon to my memory… I even forgot it existed….

    Can’t wait to read you when you’ll visit other chateaux. They are a lot of them…

  2. You’re really good at writing.
    You should give me your Admin job and become an author.. Holla!! Then make LOTS of money, and NEVER have to worry about being broke again!! 🙂

  3. Hi Tish,
    The way you describe makes me feel like I am there with you. Miss you. Sounds like you’re living your dream! I love you!

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