My First Day in Paris!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Upon arrival we began our Parisian adventure with some frustration. We could only use Euro coin to purchase our Metro ticket and of course none of us had coin yet. The vendors would not break our bills EVEN after we attempted to buy something. What?! Bad opening experience in the City of Lights; lugging around our heavy backpacks, tired, and trying to learn the rail system.

Cathédrale Notre Dame

After finally getting on and arriving at our hotel we dropped the bags, freshened up and ventured out to explore our new temporary neighborhood. Adorable! The buildings all have these cute black iron balconies with flowerpots. The streets are so clean and we have tons of cafes, stores, and a convenient internet cafe next door. (keyboards are of course French so my typing is slow).

I enjoyed my first French meal of jambon with edam and an egg on top. Oh and it came with french fries. How appropriate. Next we were finally ready to explore!

Les Tuileries

Ryan was still exhausted, so we left him behind and Arlene and I took a recommended highlight self-guided walking tour we found in our guidebook. After a couple attempts, we quickly mastered the Metro system (what a fabulous public transportation system it is!) We start at Notre Damé and continue with a stroll along the Seine, over the Pont Neuf and into the giant plaza of the Louvre. Resting at the edge of the Champs Elyseès, I reflect how much I am loving Paris. The city is so diverse and adorable. While walking along the river and through the park I capture the magic of Paris people describe in movies. The weather is beautiful and the whole city seems to be out enjoying it. There is a cluster of people in the garden lounging in the provided chairs around a fountain. This is so far my favorite place; Les Tuileries. The Louvre is also amazing, of course and it is hard to describe how giant and sprawling it is….we haven’t even gone inside yet!

We continue the 8km stroll, by walking through the Place de la Concorde; down the Champs Elyseès to the Arc de Triomphe. We stop to eat at an adorable café and just people watch. I feel safe in this city.

More to come… my time is up and we are heading to Versailles today!

13 responses to “My First Day in Paris!

  1. I’m glad you got out there right away and started to learn the city. Wow, the list of the sights you passed on your tour is incredible! Make sure you get the name of that adorable cafe. May come in handy for me someday…hehe. Glad you’re having a wonderful time already.

  2. Oh my God you’re in Paris! Can you believe it! You should really be a writer and not return to work because I could just imagine everything you were describing. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait for pictures. I’ll be checking in often!

  3. DAMN IT I can’t believe I forgot about the freaking coin thing. There were moments on our trip where we’d dump out all of Dalin’s pockets and my bags just to see if we had one more freaking coin! Keep all your coin in the same place 🙂 you already know that now though. I’m so happy you are there and enjoying it!

    Have fun in Versailles! You are going to LOVE it! Hope you brought snacks 🙂

    You can’t post enough, seriously! more more more more xoxoxxoxoxoxo

    Ryan has a drinking problem!

  4. Tisha, it sounds as if you’re having an amazing time. So glad you’re loving it. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Tisha, it sounds as if you’re having an amazing time. So glad you’re loving it. Can’t wait to hear more.
    PS: Wanted to add great post!

  6. Hey chickie, sounds like you are having the time of your life already! You’ve already done so much…. I am burning with jealousy!

  7. Tisha, how wonderful you are having so much fun. Take bunches of pictures, I can’t wait to see them all!

  8. Reminds me of a song ….I love Paris in the Spring Time , I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the Winter ( lalalalaa, I forgot the line). I love Paris most anytime at all. By THE GREAT Frank S. ( of course) Sounds great so far….keep the posts coming!!

  9. Wish I was there with you…enjoying all the splendors of Paris with u! Any French men that caught your eye yet? lol

  10. The coin experience: hopefully you will not have too many experiences like this – you just describe why French people from the rest of France don’t like the Parisians’ attitude. Well, it come with the territory… Be prepared for the way back. Workers at the French airport are the worse… And you know, this come a French person, so I know too well…

    I was back at all the sites you described with you… What do you think of one of my favorite street, Rue de Rivioli, juste where the Loubres is?

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