The Flight

“There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.” – Orson Welles

San Diego to Cincinnati – 3:05 PT

First leg of the flight was only 4 hours, but I was already tired of flying. After reading, listening to music, and conversing with my very drunk and then very hungover friend, Ryan, (that extended his Bon Voyage party up until the flight departure) I found myself in the coveted seat behind the notorious screaming baby that can always be found on planes. *sigh* Music back on and relaxation returns. As if planned, the random play-list provides me with Apocalyptica strings. Ahhhh… now to resume my reading of Gods Behaving Badly.

My exciting travel partner

Next leg-Cincinnati to Paris (9 hours)

I have no idea what time it is. We are in the final stretches of the flight. I managed some uncomfortable sleep with the aid of they eye-mask, despite the awful jinxing that ensued at the start of the flight. We are sharing our plane with a group of students on a school trip and many felt it was necessary to bring up the movie Final Destination, where the plane (with a class of students on board) crashes.

I wake up to a beautiful red sunset and 2 hours later we land in Paris. Longest flight ever. I don’t know how I will survive the return flight from Rome.

6 responses to “The Flight

  1. Bonjour! Glad u made it safely! Can’t imagine how long it really seemed…crying baby and the long hours! Each requires patience and we know how long yours is! lol Anyway, keep me filled in…will look forward to your next blog….I love you Tish! Miss you already. I will be heading down to spend time with Isiah and the grandbabies tomorrow…but know we won’t be have 1/10th of the fun you are having! 🙂

  2. Well you made it! And what you describe right here Tisha is the very reason I am done with those long flights…

    That’s why now, I always get a layout on the East coast for at least a few hours or a night. Boston, so far, is my favorite stop from California. It’s about half of the total flight to Europe and it’s manageable.

    I was not able to tune into your trip Tisha, since your compte down and then I think I posted at the wrong page, but I am learning…. catching up with you… can’t wait to read the rest of your experiences…

  3. Long airline flights are no bueno.
    Especially when you have alcohol poisoning and you barf all over you and the person next to you w/in the 1st hour and still have 2 hours of layover and 5 hours of flying time left. Yeah, it happened to me. 🙂

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