Let the Countdown Begin

“Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present.” – Robert Conklin

2347528166_ce75bf256cI have ONE MORE DAY until I depart. Even better news is that one day involves only a half day at work, due to my diligence in working from home for a few hours on Sunday. Yay!

I have packed (success!) and knocked off the seemingly million and one little last minutes errands I needed to do. Tomorrow after I get off, I will treat myself to a pedicure followed by lunch. Chrystal tells me I MUST eat a carne asada burrito before I leave, since that is what she missed most about San Diego while she was in Europe last October. We love us some carne asada down here in our little corner of the country. Yummmm…. Sorry for my burrito digression. After lunch, I will pick up the kids and spend the rest of the day with them doing whatever we fancy. I will miss them SO much!

So here I am, Wednesday night, double-checking my packing list (the triple checking will commence tomorrow). All that is left after today is to count down the 24 hours of tomorrow, sleep in my bed for the last time, and catch my flight to Paris.

Bon Voyage!

3 responses to “Let the Countdown Begin

  1. Already April 1st! It went by so fast… it seems… I know you are going to have a super trip, brand new unforgettable experiences…

    Hope the saucisson-beurre sandwich I told you about will help you to hold on until your next carne asada!

    Bon Voyage!!!

  2. Right now you’re probably somewhere over the Atlantic on that long flight, hope your chair is comfy. Enjoy your trip!

    How’s Ryan feeling? lol


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