The Anti-Social Social Life

“I can’t help but feel like twitter is a kind of stalking mechanism…maybe it’s the use of the word “follow.” – Random Twitter Post

social_networking_sitesI had a very interesting conversation with my friends at lunch. We were talking about the age of technology and social networking today. We were discusssing what life is going to be like for our young kids or kids being born right now! They are never going to meet with people face to face!! They are going to be SO used to communicating every other way. Already today…we text, we use Facebook, Twitter, we have close friends online, there are webcams, YouTube videos, online banking etc etc. People don’t even CALL people anymore…we just text! It’s fascinating to me how fast it’s taken the world by a storm.

I am guilty of all of this…and wouldn’t take it away for anything because I love the convenience, but in the large scheme of things isn’t it kind of crazy! All three of us at lunch have very close friends ONLINE (bookclubs, social sites, messenger, online gaming, forums etc) that the rest of us haven’t met…or that we ourselves have never met in real life. Yet we talk about them and these online friends know you just as much as your live friends. I find myself often saying, I was talking to [insert online friend name here]  today and they said [fill in the blank]. I love this though, because you are able to connect with people that share specific interests of yours that your “live” friends might not. For me…it’s books. It opens up so many opportunities to connect with others.

 I know what all my friends (line and online) are up to all the time so I rarely ever call to say “What’s up”. Instead we update our Twitter or Facebook and say…Hey, I’ll be at this bar if you can join. or Hey, so and so is engaged…to which we all text or reply “Congrats” I could go on and on. I’ve stayed in touch or reconnected with a plethora of high school and college friends, co-workers, and acquaintances this way. I’ve run into friends and already know exactly what’s going on in their life because of their most recent status update and/or blog post!

I think its interesting and overall…a good thing, but still thought provoking…Are we becoming anti-social social butterflies?

3/12/09-**Quick update** This was just shared with me to further support my point! 🙂 – “[GenZ children] are highly connected, having had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as DVDs, the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 Players and cellular phones, earning them the nickname “digital natives”. […]GenZ children are exposed to an environment that is heavy on stimuli, and weaker in interpersonal relationships.


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