Keep Bella and Give Me Sookie!

“Oh, but you have many other very juicy arteries. There’s one in the groin that’s a particular favorite of mine.” – Bill


I am not a romantic, nor am I big into love…but I’ve fallen head over heels in love…with a TV show!

Ok, ok, dramatic, I know, but this show is fan-freaking-tastic! I have had people raving to me about it for a while; my good friend Chrystal in particular, but I wanted to read the books first! (mild OCD rule of mine) Well, I should know by now to trust her advice! I had a small pile of books on my To-Be-Read list that received attention before the Sookie Stackhouse series, but last week I finally dove in. They are great! I recommend them to everyone. I thought I liked Twilight, but the Sookie series is far better! Where Twilight had me remembering what it was like to have a junior high crush, Dead Until Dark ( Sookie book #1) had me wondering what it would really be like to have sex with a vampire (also known as “being a fangbanger”). So, yeah… a little different.

Here is the short & sweet synopsis: The setting is a back-woods, small town in deep South Louisiana. Vampires and people have been co-existing for the past two years. Some people are nervous around them, some are intrigued, and others just want to sell their blood (V, the hottest new drug on the market); the vampires are still trying to get equal rights and/or “mainstream” with the humans by sustaining on synthetic blood called True Blood to avoid having to feed on people…at least some of them do. Sookie is a telepathic cocktail waitress that comes across her first vampire, Bill, and falls in love.

After I flew through the first two Sookie books, I felt comfortable diving into Season 1 of True Blood without getting spoilers for the book. Well, well, well…I’m glad I did! I’ve only watch the first three episodes so far and am happy to discover that knowing the  plot from the book doesn’t take ANYTHING away from the show. This is rarely the case with watching movies immediately after reading the book in my experience. The True Blood casting was great and the characters fit the image I had in my head quite well; at least nearly all of them did. (Jason could be hotter and Sookie’s boobs are supposed to be bigger, but Bill has really mastered the scary, sexy thing, while still being sweet somehow).

I’m so excited there are seven more books to read and many more episodes to watch. True Blood gives you everything! You’ve got the sexy/scary/cool vampires, mystery, a bit of romance, suspense, racy sex scenes, and to top it all off…humor!  Sign me up!

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