From Behind the Capri Sun & Orange Peels

“If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.” – Bruce Barton

Ahh, back from another day of soccer games.

orange-slicesI wrote a few months ago about getting my feet wet in the soccer mom world. Well, by now, I can easily say that not only are my feet wet, but I’ve dove completely in head first. Four days a week of practices and a half day of games every Saturday will help you get used to the game pretty damn quick. This is what it looks like with two kids in the sport. I have cleared away the Capri Sun, orange slices, and soccer balls to again write about my accidental soccer mom experiences.

I am happy to report that my son’s team has just qualified, two weeks early, for the playoffs. Yay! I will admit that I feel a tiny bit bittersweet. What this means is after the next two weeks of regular season games…my season continues. MORE soccer. It also means, instead of driving every Saturday to the local San Diego soccer fields… we now have to drive up to Los Angeles for the games. *Sigh* BUT I am so proud of them and so excited for my son. (I still haven’t heard about my daughters team…two weeks left to qualify) Speaking of my daughter, she was M.V.P. in today’s game. She has picked up the sport pretty quick and did outstanding today. Awww… proud parent moment.

So, what have I learned since my first taste of being a soccer mom?

  • I’ve learned I could probably find the Capri Sun and Gatorade sections in the grocery store with my eyes closed.
  • I’ve learned the best season for orange growers is probably soccer season.
  • I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to go out on a Friday night when you have to wake up for an 8 or 9am soccer game.
  • I’ve learned I am not allowed to slack on laundry duty because they only have ONE uniform. (crap!)
  • I’ve learned been forced to put soccer ahead of Charger games when they conflict (that one was tough).
  • I’ve learned to bring a book to the field, because it’s common for games to start late.
  • I’ve learned it doesn’t take long to become one of the loud parents I joked about before.
  • I’ve learned been reminded how durable kids are.
  • And I am constantly reminded how hot and bright the damn sun is at the soccer field.

We have a couple more weeks of soccer and playoffs and we can chalk up one year of soccer under our belts. What happens now? Can I finally start coming home straight from work?? Ahem, nope… basketball and dance seasons are right around the corner.


One response to “From Behind the Capri Sun & Orange Peels

  1. Yikes ….keep it up and you’ll need one of those huge “cross-over /Soccer mom vehicles ( I tried to type Mini van but you seem way too cool to have one of those) ! I thing I remember from Gym class the shellac on the Basket ball hurts like hell when you get skinned by it like carpet burn x 10,000. Congrats to both of the Kids for doing so well !!!


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