Prop 8: Shame on California

“[This is] the first time in my life that I’ve actually seen the law change to allow for discrimination. It’s kind of shocking…What’s that old saying? One step forward and two steps back?” – Lolo

prop-8I am ashamed of my state right now. It is unbelievable to me that Proposition 8 passed; which puts into the state constitution an amendment banning gay marriage. Gay couples can still get civil unions which some might argue gives them the same things as marriage, but we all know that isn’t what this is about.

This ban, for me, is overshadowing the historical message of equality that Obama’s Presidential election has just provided. How can we celebrate the progress of the country, when we are still discriminating a population? A population that is asking for no more than the same rights; to be equals. It is puzzling that we, as a nation, would step forward, ignore differences…and vote for the right guy and in the same moment…take away rights. I’m sorry, but I cannot understand why the “Yes on Prop 8” folks are so passionate about something that WILL NOT affect their lives. I’m not passionate about just this specific issue…I’m passionate about any issue in which people are losing rights. Why do some feel entitled to have more rights than their neighbors? Have we learned nothing from the past? Did the Civil Rights movement or Suffrage teach us nothing?

I fortunately do not feel this is the end of the story. That is the good news.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” ~ John F. Kennedy


9 responses to “Prop 8: Shame on California

  1. Very well said. I think this issue may require a US Supreme Court ruling backed by the government. Everyone seems to want less government, but when they make choices like this, it becomes clear that someone at the federal level must step in to rectify it. It was that way with slavery, segregation, etc.
    It always saddens me to see people being cruel to one another in the name of God.

  2. Amen! We, as a people of the “United” States, need to do what we can to ensure that it’s not the end of it! Make sure you continue to vote!

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