“Twilight” Fever

“There are no children’s books or adult books- there are only good books and bad books. Everyone should read the good ones.” — Stephenie Meyer

Wow! If you pay any attention to books at all, you can’t help but to be bombarded with Twilight.

Forget that, if you pay attention to any of these: media, books, or pop culture; you will be flooded with all that is Twilight. Prior to this post, I was flooded with advertising, reviews, forum discussions, facebook flair, and multiple friends that swear by the book and advise me that it is a “must-read.” Wow…that’s a lot of hype for a Young Adult book. However, I must pause to remember this same thing happened with the Harry Potter series and from all I’ve heard…those seven books deserved all the praise they received. (I have yet to read the Harry Potter books. I know, I know…a book reader that hasn’t read the Potters…how is that possible!!) Moving on…

Here’s what I saw and read:

  • The New York Times Editors Choice and New York Times Bestseller
  • A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.
  • “The best series since Harry Potter”.
  • An Amazon “Best Book of the Decade… so far”

So, what could I do? I of course chose to read it. One must decide for oneself and see what all the hype is about. Well…I loved it! It completely brought out the teenage girl in me. I developed a crush on a fictional character and absolutely could not put the book down, finishing it in two days. Back to the teenage girl in me, “OMG…it is TOTALLY worth all the praise.” Ok, so I didn’t actually talk like that. The book provides you with a little sci-fi, blended with vampire powers, sprinkle in the romance, and stir with suspense.

Yep, I must have caught the “Twilight” fever. On to book two…”New Moon.”


One response to ““Twilight” Fever

  1. Tisha — It’s Katie from GR. I adore this post! I totally identify with it too…this was me a few months ago when I took the plunge after hearing so much about it.

    And while I admit it did take me a bit to get into Twilight, I got swept up too! I’ve read the whole series now and eagerly await your progress through it so we can chatter about who we like better, Edward or Jacob, just like we’re in junior high!

    Happy reading!


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