Paying 65% More For the Sun

“You leave the setting to court the rising sun.” – Tiberius

I live in San Diego where the cost of housing is 65% more than where I’m from…the MidWest.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is obviously more desirable to live in San Diego, but C’MON…65%!!! The average cost of living difference is about 13% in other things like utilities, groceries, transportation, but difference in housing SKYROCKETS up to 65%! I won’t even get into the housing crash now, let’s just stick with the desire to own and not the current logistics and housing market.  You wanna know what the biggest catch is though…I love it here. Damn it anyway…I love it here.

I moved here four years ago and have never regretted it. The only thing that haunts me is the fact one of my biggest desires is to own a home… and travel more. This is something that instead of having already, it is getting further and further from my grasp. So, it appears as though I am foregoing a giant want for other medium wants, i.e. the ocean, the constant sun, the city. All of my friends back home (Sioux Falls, SD) already own a home; some even own their second, upgraded home now. UGH!! So jealous! I have obsessed over this with San Diego friends over and over. I am told to consider everything I have here in exchange. My lifestyle. The fact that living here just means your priorities change a bit…owning a home isn’t as realistic in your early-20’s. I don’t even feel at ‘home’ back home anymore. I can’t imagine moving back, but I want my kids to have a home..with a yard…without it costing me half a million dollars. Not only that… you get way more for your money back home (as far as square footage, quality, and yard space) What a freakin’ dilemma. What makes this such a tough decision?? Let’s go through some pros & cons


  • Ocean, beach, friends, my mom and brother live here now, beautiful weather, San Diego Charger games, symphony, far better nightlife, close to Vegas and Mexico and LA, palm trees, no snow, feeling of change, culture, diversity, better and increased job opportunities, more places to go and more people to meet & most importantly…I’m happy here.


  • HOUSING costs, education system is worse, far from the rest of my family and close friends, traffic, cost of living thus having less money to travel, and gas prices.

Look what $250,000 will get me in San Diego… (2 br, 2 bath, 1100 sq feet, 4500 sq ft lot) and compare it to what $250,000 will get me back home. (3 br, 3 bath, 2000 sq feet, 8090 sq ft lot).


So yeah, my pro list is bigger, but there are some pretty major items on that con list. What the hell does one do? I am no closer to solving this dilemma of mine than I was when I first started considering it two years ago. I guess that means I will probably be staying and working on that magical windfall instead! *sigh*


One response to “Paying 65% More For the Sun

  1. Dish,
    These are very valid pionts and they are the challenges we encounter in life. As for myself, I have asked my self the same thing. The way I look at it is the quality of life. You can have a big house and see old friends, but will you be happy and be able to go to the beach and give your kids the life you did not have? Isn’t the reseason we all leave home is to excape a bad lifestyle or to have new oppertunities? The cons don’t outway the major pro. That Pro is you are happy and life is in the right direction. Would you be happier with just a big house? I dont think so. The major piont is you need be happy from within and be do what and be where it makes us most happy.


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