Week 2: Screw Hochuli!

“You don’t notice the referee during the game, unless he makes a bad call.” – Drew Curtis

My team just got screwed by the refs…

…and we didn’t even get dinner first.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve all heard it before, but it was a royal, utterly atrocious, screwing that occured today in the Mile High Stadium, courtesy of Ed Hochuli.

My Chargers headed to Denver,CO to play our conference opponents, the Denver Broncos.  We started out rough, with an 18 point deficit to make up before we even reached halftime. We were already missing Shawn Merriman and now, DAMMIT, L.T. is out for the rest of the game with a toe injury. What?? Well…Rivers stepped up, Sproles ran for a 103 yard punt return right when we needed it, and the team rallied to bring us only 1 point behind in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.

Denver scores a TD, then we score a TD and an extra 2 points. A couple minutes to go… Denver QB, Cutler, uses precious time driving the ball up the field. Mere seconds to go…he attempts to pass the ball, but whoops, drops the ball bringing his arm back. We recover the fumble with 1.17 left. GAME OVER!!… or so we thought. But NO, Hochuli fucks up! He blew the whistle, making the ball dead where it stood as an incomplete pass. Denvers ball! WTF!! Denvers ball?!?!? This shady, bullshit calling, ref I loathe, even admits it should’ve been a fumble…but “So sorry, I fucked up…Denvers ball.”

So, after my stomping, cussing, and curses on Ed sent into the atmosphere, I hold my breath to see what will happen in the final moments. Cutler passes for a touchdown! 38-37, Denver is 1 point behind, but they still need to kick for their after-TD point for the tie. Let’s settle it in overtime. But NO, Denver coach, Shanahan, decides to go for the win and attempt a 2-point conversion. They make it! DAMMIT! Luckiest bastard ever; or not so lucky when the ref’s are calling the game so you win. Yep, the game is fixed! That’s the second bogus call the refs made in Denver’s favor!

The Chargers have about 26 seconds to drive the ball back up the field and at least get a 3 point field goal for the win. I’m praying we get some justice out of this game by winning. We’re driving, we’re driving…pass to Chambers…. holding breath… nope, his damn left foot was out of bounds. Incomplete pass. So, here we go ahead, 6 seconds left, Rivers goes for the Hail Mary to Chambers, but nope, no good. Denver wins.

The game should’ve never gone that far. The game was over when we recovered the fumble, but the ref screwed us! It’s appalling that Denver fans can celebrate this as a clean win. Hochuli should be fired or forfeit pay. There has got to be some sort of penalty for horrible, game-changing calls like this.

This is the 2nd, heartbreaking-loss-in-the-final seconds game we Charger fans have had to endure. I swear I’m never watching football again, (at least until the next time I do) and I lost about a year of my life in stress today.

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