Fantasy Football: Week 1 Bust

“If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” – Vince Lombardi

What the hell happened this week in football?!? Join me for a quick fantasy football career flashback:


  • Year 1 (2006) – I finally joined my brother’s fantasy football league. My friend, Chrystal, and I are the first females to shatter the glass ceiling in this league and we came to represent! After all of the lame “this-isn’t-fantasy-tennis” smacktalk, we quickly earned our respect where it matters; on the field. My star players included Drew Brees, Steven Jackson, Addai, and Colston (much to the boys’ dismay, Yahoo allowed him to fill in as a WR or a TE. hahahaha!) My year ended with a silver trophy in a league of 12.
  • Year 2 (2007) – Back with a vengence. During the draft, I stick to my rookie love since Colston and Addai came through in ‘06. I picked up Adrian Peterson in round 6. (Fuck yeah!) Being a Charger fan, I was originally disappointed to not get Bree’s this year, but after his rough start, Sam dropped him Week 5. I picked him up and *BAM* he turns his year around and becomes the rockstar I needed him to be. …fast forward through the season… I dominate the boys and made it to the superbowl game against my friend Paul who only had one loss… so far. He is also a Patriot fan, thus compared himself to them. Well, if we are making comparisons…he ended the season just like his team… with a loss in the Superbowl! Whoo hoo! Fantasy Football Champ out of 14 supposed lifetime football fans. Now the boys know I’m a contender for sure.

Now here we are: Today, 2008.
I got lucky with a 4th round draft pick. I felt pretty confident about my team, set up my roster, and got ready for the season opening game on Thursday. I had Eli (not a fan, but waited to long to pick up a QB), Portis, and Burress playing. Less than stellar results, but respectable… I guess. Here comes Sunday. I woke up pumped, donned my Charger jersey, and headed to the stadium to start tailgating at 9:30am.
The sun was out, the drinks were flowing, my favorite people were tailgating with me; it was looking like a great day. My Chargers were playing Carolina; I thought we had it in the bag. Fourth quarter, final 2 seconds, 5 points up, Panthers get in the endzone, the ball is thrown……and…. they catch it! WTF!!! They catch it!! Final two seconds and the Chargers lose by 2. I felt deflated and my heart was broken. We tailgate after the game to lick our wounds, brush it off, and remember its only week one.
Then…. I get home, check out my fantasy team. Holy shit, I am down by 30 points. Are you kidding? There were other strange happenings in my league too. The top projected player… loses BIG TIME! He loses to the last draft pick, the newbie in the league, with the worst projection. Hmmmm…. scratching my head about all the mysterious goings-ons. Turn on SportsCenter and it didn’t get better in the NFL. The Colts lost?…to the Bears? Tom Brady is out for the year? Vikings (that I was excited to have in FFL) defense gives up 24 points?
I chalk it all up to witchcraft.
Hopefully everything turns back around in Week 2.

2 responses to “Fantasy Football: Week 1 Bust

  1. I posted – even though I’m not lovin my layout. I think it’s fantastic we decided to do this at the same time. I love you!! And keep your head up – lets not forget how season 1 started for you…

  2. Cool blog!! It looks really creative–kudos!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your fantasy group turns around for ya. It was a really weird week in football. I never would have thought the Colts could have lost. !!! There’s always next week…right?


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