Starting my Hiatus

“What I need… is a strong drink and a peer group.” – Douglas Adams

Hello world. I have paused for a brief moment.

To begin my first blog, I suppose I should begin with my beginning. No, no, not the beginning of life as I know it (who has time for that) , but the beginning of my reasoning for blogging! I have officially placed myself on hiatus. Socially that is. I have refrained from saying ‘yes’ to every mixer or happy hour or BBQ or shower or  birthday/welcome/going away/candle/pleasure/housewarming party and/or the “let’s go out just for whatever” social event that arises almost weekly.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, I love going out with them, I love cocktails, and I love meeting new people. I just finally wore myself out this summer so I decided to try taking hiatus for the month of August… to relax and just plain not have to do anything if I didn’t want to. To stay in my old, worn high-school track jogging pants and a tank top all day if I wanted. To avoid the “What should I wear” drama that ensues every time I get ready to go out. To avoid trying to find parking Downtown or in Pacific Beach. To avoid my liver shutting down…. and all the thousands of other reasons that sometimes it’s just fun to stay home for a weekend.

So how did I finally reason that a hiatus was necessary to my survival?

This past July was a tumultuous, expensive, alcoholic, insanely busy month full of debauchery. My best friend got married. I am oh so happy for her, but also oh so happy that it’s over. (Oh, trust me… she is too!)


It began with my responsibility to plan a Bridal Shower. Chrystal (name of bride) has a ton of friends from different times and parts of her life (as we all do I guess). We split the guest list into two showers, family and friends. I got the younger, more drunk, friend shower to plan. After 3 weeks of planning, a mini-committee (no joke), and a hefty budget we managed to throw her an outstanding 40 person, cocktail party bridal shower. This was no average bridal shower. Not a single cucumber sandwich or toilet paper wedding dress to be found. It was your standard pool party cocktail event, only missing the very standard party necessity…men. So after the last champagne bottles were drained and the last gift was opened, everyone was just getting warmed up! On to the after party…This is where the bridal shower turned bachelorette party (only with boys). No need to elaborate; there are enough pictures to tell the rest of that story.

On to the bachelorette party. It was no easy task getting there. I was the mediator between all clashing personalities. My personality is strong enough alone, did I really need to play this role?! Only because I love the bride so much! I will blah blah blah my way through all the drama (no body wants to read about drama) and jump to July 11th… the Vegas weekend. *Note-this was also my birthday weekend.* We spent four nights, count ’em, four nights in Vegas…Las Vegas…with 15 girls! Nobody in their right mind spends four nights in Vegas! But… I had the time of my life. I am sure my liver began screaming and pleading by Sunday night, but that was my birthday, so I drowned out the screams with another RedBull/Vodka. ahhh…silence. By the time we were heading out on Monday, I was not much more than a Weekend at Bernie’s re-enactment.

I had 4 short days to recover before my birthday party the following Saturday. More drinking, less sleeping…had a blast.

Finally, the wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was beautiful, the after-party was beautiful. My realization that my July commitments were officially over…beautiful.

So here we are. August is over, my hiatus is not. I will go out for the necessary friend requirements, i.e. birthdays, weddings etc. But I have cut back. What did I do on hiatus? More of that to come. In the meantime, I need to finish my laundry, after all, those worn out jogging pants aren’t going to wash themselves!


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